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About Our Organization

The objects and purposes of this organization are to provide the opportunities for students and adults in our area to enhance their employability skills (hard and soft). These would include, but not be limited to, pride in one's work, being a team player, becoming a dependable employee, getting to work on time, being present on a daily basis, having a cooperative spirit, and always putting forth one's best effort.

In agriculture, agricultural business, science and or management skills, as well as agricultural science, animal science, horticulture, and crop science could be part of the curriculum. Our focus would not however only be on those areas mentioned above.

It would also be important that students have the opportunity to explore the fine arts in an effort to make them a well-rounded individual who is aware of the “wholeness” that can be achieved by developing an appreciation of the arts, music, theatre, drawing, painting, and other avenues of fine arts. These too, could even lead to a level of marketability, which would provide those involved with the chance to earn a living in these areas. Whatever it takes to assist these individuals to “think outside the box”, regardless of their areas of interest is our mantra. Additionally, these individuals will develop a marketable skill in such areas as the skilled trades, business, including entrepreneurship and computer skills, which would lead to employment as an administrative assistant or data entry clerk, for example, health occupations skills which could lead to nurse assistant certification, medical recorder, ward clerk, or other related careers, in the area of family and consumer science skills.

Through the process, it is our goal to provide students and adults with the environment needed to improve their critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and allow them to learn to always take a risk and “think outside the box”.

By providing these students with employability skills and specific marketable skills, the organization would be instilling in them self confidence, pride in their accomplishments, fiscal responsibility, leadership skills, the importance of being a volunteer, the importance of becoming environmentally conscious, and finally, becoming an asset to their families and their communities, as well as to themselves.

The first thing is for the students to have a DREAM or a DREAM JOB, and we assist them in how to work to get it.  Through hands-on education and life experiences we help students realize their dreams and assist them in making the steps towards make their dreams reality.

Like Our New Logo?

Our new logo design features "GEARS".  Gears are a simple machine that passes power from one gear wheel to another.

We like to think our Dream Center Volunteers do the same within our community. 

By working together we can all make a difference.

Agriculture & Business
  • Business or Management

  • Agricultural Science

  • Animal Science

  • Horticulture

  • Crop Science

  •  Work Ethics

Fine Arts
  • Music

  • Theatre

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Public Speaking

  • Public Relations

Computer Skills
  • Administrative Assistant

  • Data Entry Clerk

  • Bookkeeping

Health Occupation Skills
  • Nurse Assistant Certification

  • Medical Recorder

  • Ward Clerk

Skilled Trades
  • Construction

  • Metals

  • Welding

  • Drafting

  • Electricity

  • Electronics

  • Auto Mechanics

  • Small Engines

  • Auto Body

  • Plumbing

Consumer Science
  • Certified Child Care Worker

  • At-Home Day Care

  • Food Service Worker


Our Brochure

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