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Board Members, Mentors, & Dedicated Volunteers

Jacksonville Dream Center Foundation is a 501 3C nonprofit organization.  We rely heavily on our dedicated Board Members, Mentors & Community Volunteers who contribute their TIME and KNOWLEDGE for FREE so we can continue to make Dreams Come True around our community.
Board Members

President: Steve Cantrell


• Illinois Dept. of Transportation

• District 117 School Board
• FFA Alumni Board


   Cheri Fry
• Graphic Arts Specialist
   Bound to Stay Bound Books

• Western Illinois University Alumni


   Steven Hardin
• Illinois House Republican Staff

• Republican Chair Morgan Co.


   James Grable

• Boyscout Volunteer

• Business Owner

• MacMurray College Alumni


   Cheryl Ballard
• Accountant
• Illinois College Alumni


​Donna Jackson

​Neil Maul

​Gary Hadden

• Livestock Equipment Dealer

• Farmer


Marilyn Sorrill

We are very thankful for our supporters,  mentors and dedicated volunteers that share their life long experiences and knowledge in:  Ag, Fine Arts, Master Gardening, Carpentry, Health Care, Historical Preservation, Trade Skills, Heavy Equipment, Medical, Politics,  Business, Professionals, Educators, and Retirees.


Appreciate your dedication and hard work!

Mentors & Volunteers

Lucas Bohlmann

Alice Cantrell

Nicole Cantrell

Dee Cole

Becky Colwell

Tim Critchelow

Kristina Critchelow

McKayla Critchelow

Jayla Critchelow

Lahia Critchelow

Hannah Dawson

DeAnna Edwards

Stefan Edwards

Ashley Fry

Nancy Hamby

Jane Hadden
Orion Higuet
Noah Higuet

Mary Ingram

Mark Jackson

Mandy Jackson

​Annie Jackson
Lori Jackson

Shane McGath
Jessica McGath
Andrew McGath

Tylea McMillan

Anita Moody

Christopher Seymour 

Tim Seymour

Rich Schafer
Jenny Smith

Andrew Towers

Tammy White

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