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Jacksonville Dream Center is no longer collecting plastic caps.

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Jacksonville Dream Center Foundation

Mailing Address:                           Physical Address:

P.O. Box 116                                    210 W. College

Jacksonville, IL  62651                Jacksonville, IL  62650

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All "A Bench For Cap" recycled bench related questions, please read the column to the left, Jacksonville Dream Center is NO LONGER COLLECTING OR ACCEPTING CAP DONATIONS. We do NOT know of any local groups collecting. 

All other Jacksonville Dream Center questions please use this form below.


Are you a school or children's group that wants to know more about how to earn your own "Bench from Caps"? 


You are looking for


Jacksonville Dream Center was simply one of thousands participating in their amazing program.


Please contact Green Tree and get your group registered BEFORE you start collecting caps. 

email Barb P 

Jacksonville Dream Center is proud to have been one of thousands participating in their amazing program. 

Success! Message received.

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