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Drone Club

During a historical site cleanup JDCF participated in, it was mentioned that JDCF was wanting to start a Drone Club; and amazingly an anonymous donation was made.  JDCF purchased a Typhoon Q500 4K drone with the donation and now JDCF can use this drone to educate the community on how a drone is not just a toy, but can have multiple benefits when operated by a skilled/trained operator.

Drones can provide an easy way for farmers to monitor their fields from above. The days of inefficiently scouting crops on foot are over. With high-resolution aerial maps, farmers can use drones to identify, quicky & efficiently, problem areas in their fields.

A Search and Rescue team can also be assisted with a drone. A Drone can provide a larger search area from above than a person can cover on foot.

Dream Center is looking for a "MENTOR" to assist in providing safety information on the use of drones, rules and regulations.  There are lots of great places to fly, however the YUNEEC Drones are pre-programmed to not allow flying in national aviation authority designated No-Fly Zones or above the designated 400ft ceiling.  JDCF will focus on SAFE-Drone operation.

From Fire and Rescue to the Coast Guard and Law Enforcement, drones are helping first responders overcome obstacles, to make us safer.

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