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Grow-2-Give Vegetable Garden

Grow-2-Give is the JDCF’s project that teaches kids (and adults) that you truly do reap what you sow.  [ if you do good things; you will get good results ].  

Lots of life lessons can come from gardening:
• Gardens need SUN and RAIN
• Patience: waiting for nature to take its course.
• Getting dirty isn’t always bad
• Worms are good for a garden. Worm holes provide Aeration that allow air,

     water and nutrients to penetrate the vegetables’ roots.
• Plan ahead
• Learn from your mistakes
• How to grow your own food!

• Hands on education to learn by doing

• You can't learn if you don't try 
• Life skills that can make you a asset to yourself and your community 

• Turn a hobby into a career by putting food on the table

The Grow-2-Give Vegetable Garden Program is teaching not only how to grow food, but that sometimes giving back and supporting our local community is just as beneficial.  

Each year JDCF uses the donations to purchase the starter vegetables from the local high school FFA Greenhouse Vegetable & Flower Sale;  plants the gardens (yes, more than one); waters & maintains them, and then harvests and distributes the food. 


Here are a few of the places JDCF has donated vegetables to:
• Senior Center - Jacksonville, IL
• Murrayville Food Pantry - Murrayville, IL
• Beecher High Rise - Jacksonville, IL
• Soup Kitchen - Jacksonville, IL
• and other seniors in the area.

Year #1 JDCF harvested and gave away 400 LBS of tomatoes and 200 LBS of Turnips.

Year #2  JDCF harvested and gave away 1,250 LBS of tomatoes and turnips.

YEAR #3 and JDCF planted 125 tomato plants, 20 pepper plants,  turnips, and  icicle white radishes.  The gardens did not do so well this year due to weather conditions, but we are gearing up for a much more successful year to come.


Stay Tuned!

2016 - Tomatos have this nice sturdy fence/gate to climb up for support. Click here to see the Facebook Albums for more photos of our Gardening.

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