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210 West College, Jacksonville, IL  62650
Jacksonville Dream Center Foundation's Room-4-Rent

Are you looking for a place to host a gathering?  Large family dinners, bridal shower, baby shower, reception, social gatherings, parties, whatever.

We have a small 14' X 12' Stage area.

You can rent JDCF main floor rooms.  We can arrange our rooms in many different ways to accommodate your needs.

For more information, Room Rates, or to check availability  Email:

This secondary room is great for refreshments.

The MAIN ROOM is large and spacious.  Lights can be altered for different moods.

The Kitchen is also available to rent,

includes a large refrigerator for you to use,

a gas AND electric stove, and a 3-sink to meet all health guidelines.

Dishes & Glasses are also available for an additional charge.

No pics available, but there are two bathrooms on the main floor.

Just North of our building is a public parking lot.

Here is the Layout Guide for our main floor.

Areas shaded in BLUE will be closed off during most rental parties.

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