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Testimonials from Members, Mentors & Volunteers

How better to get to know more about the Jacksonville Dream Center Foundation than to hear from our members themselves.  Keep reading to hear about their thoughts and experiences with JDCF.

"I like music, art & crafts, and animals.  With JDCF I have learned about herb gardens, arts, painting, crafts, woodworking, concessions stands, landscaping, tours with historical costumes. I've learned how to work a table saw and build BIG projects. It's a good group to know and you get to meet good people. Plus you get out of the house for a good reason, to HELP people."

                            ----- McKayla (age 14)

"I like automotive work, landscaping, fishing, hunting, and spending time with my family.  I've helped at Woodlawn Farm, and landscaping projects. Volunteering can be fun and gives you a sense of pride in yourself for helping others. JDCF is good, positive, structured activities for kids and adults that might not have anything to do."

                            ----- Tim

"I like learning new things, singing, helping others, fishing, camping, music, candle making, and making things from scratch. I've helped out at Woodlawn Farm, landscaping, recruiting new help, and photography. Volunteering gives you pride and fulfillment in helping others, and I enjoy volunteering with my husband and children. I would recommend JDCF to anyone that is interested in working and learning new skills and anyone that may be able to teach us new skills."

                            ----- Kristina

"I like music, art, crafts, gaming, playing outside, riding horses, and gardening. I've helped clearing brush, painting, building, yard clean-ups, and more.  Projects to help the dog park, and workshops to rebuild the shed next to the outhouse at Woodlawn Farm.  JDCF is a great group and has helped me learn different things, experience new places, learn how to get the job done and in a timely manner with talent and skill."

                            ----- Lahia (age 16)

"I like frog hunting, swimming, trying to hunt with my dad, babysitting, flying drones, and helping animals. I've helped with planting, landscaping, and building.  I have learned to help others and make them happy.  JDCF is fun because you get out of the house, and you meet new people and you have fun with your family and friends."

                            ----- Jayla (age 12)

"I like art, music, reading, gaming, helping animals.  I have helped with yard clearing and landscaping, painting, building, and gardening. I'm excited to be helping the dog park with the recycling drive. I've learned that responsibility, being social, kindness, and hard work can be fun. JDCF is a great time and can get you out of the house and get into an environment that is a kind and caring atmosphere."

                            ----- Tylea (age 15)

"I like law, computer programming, carpentry, government, politics, psychology, and light and sound for staging.  I've worked in the concession stand and learned to make correct change.  I've also learned alot about woodworking, masonry, landscaping, gardening, building, stage lighting, and audio set-up.  JDCF is a good program that both teaches and helps the community."

                            ----- Stefan (age 17)

"I have a special interest in gardening heirloom plants and medicinal plants, small woodcrafting, period and ethnic storytelling, plant and animal identification, weather/changes and causes, most anything new or that I can learn even more about. I've helped with brush clearing, landscaping, painting, food service with community events. I would highly recomment JDCF as it promotes life-long learning and social service. JDCF encourages participants to take pride in a job well done and ensures quality of service and results to the people and organizations within the community"

                            ----- DeAnna

"I think JDCF is a great group! I look forward to helping the kids learn more about recycling and it's importance for the future while working with them in their community recycling drive " A Bench For Caps". This recycling drive is focusing on recycling plastic bottle caps and lids to turn into benches for Jacksonville's new PetSafe™ Bark Park & other deserving recipients in and around our community. "

                            ----- Cheri

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